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Enhance Your Freelance Journey with SmartFind.AI

Discover Tailored Opportunities & Land Your Ideal Jobs


AI Prospecting

We help you find the right jobs, so you don't have to spend a minute scrolling through endless lists.

More Responses

We help you write high quality cover letters that get prospective clients to respond.

All-in-one Solution

We cover all major job platforms so that you don't miss out on any opportunity.

Why SmartFind.AI?

Save Time Looking for Work

SmartFind.AI constantly scans for new opportunities and matches you with the right jobs. Spend less time searching for jobs and more time getting the job done.


Boost Your Income

Create and send job-specific proposals in less than a minute. Grab the client's attention, beat the competition, and win new projects.

How does it work?

For marketers, designers, engineers, and everyone in between


Ivan M., Front-End Developer:

It generally finds good matches so I don't have to bother doing my own search. Highly recommended!


Hanna M., Graphic Designer:

I like that it generates proposals using AI. This tool has definitely helped me with my process, giving me more time to focus on work.


Rashid D., Virtual Assistant:

It has been quite useful for me. It matches jobs with my skills and expectations about 90% of the time. It has made my job search much more efficient.


How does SmartFind.AI match me with jobs?

Can I customize my job preferences?

Which job platforms do you cover?

How often are job matches updated?

Do you need access to my account on the job platforms?

Is SmartFind.AI available on mobile devices?

How does SmartFind.AI protect user privacy and data security?

How much does it cost?

How do I sign up for SmartFind.AI?

Made by freelancers for freelancers

We are a team of freelancers who have spent over 10 years on platforms like Upwork. We built SmartFind.AI to solve the exact problems we faced as freelancers. We want SmartFind.AI to help you as much as it helped us. We sincerely hope you enjoy it and have a positive experience.


Dimi Mikadze

Freelancing on Upwork since 2014. Built software for companies such as Microsoft, Disney and Fedex.


Irakli Lezhava

10+ years of experience in various industries. Freelance work for top companies such as Roche and Bayer.

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