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Grow Your Agency with SmartFind.AI

B2B Sales Copilot for Agencies that Knows your Business from Day 1 and Brings you Qualified Leads.


Fully Customized

Answer a few questions about your agency and ICP, and our copilot becomes an expert on your business. It's that simple.

Right Leads Only

Don't waste time on LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Apollo guessing who to contact. Let our copilot find the right leads for you.

Targeted Outreach

Avoid generic openers and talking about the weather. Get the conversation going with the lead from the very first email.

Why SmartFind.AI?

Save Time on Lead Prospecting

SmartFind.AI automates lead generation by continuously analyzing public data to identify and pre-qualify leads, freeing up your time to focus on closing deals.


Improve Lead Conversion

Our Copilot continuously learns about your business, improving lead engagement and increasing conversion rates.

For marketers, designers, engineers, and everyone in between


Ivan, Agency Owner:

As an agency owner, I needed to automate my outbound efforts and refine my messaging and target personas. With SmartFind.AI, I was able to concentrate on hot prospects.


Hanna, Sales Manager:

It generally finds good matches so I don't have to bother doing my own search.


Rashid, Business Development Manager:

It automated our outbound efforts and allowed us to zero in on hot prospects, boosting our client win rate


How does SmartFind.AI find leads?

How often are leads updated?

Do you need access to our CRM?

What are the pricing plans?

How does SmartFind.AI protect my privacy and data security?

Built for Agencies

As agency owners and freelancers, we know the specific challenges in B2B sales facing outsource agencies. We have designed SmartFind.AI to help agencies like yours succeed.


Dimi Mikadze

Freelancing on Upwork since 2014. Built software for companies such as Microsoft, Disney and Fedex.


Irakli Lezhava

10+ years of experience in various industries. Freelance work for top companies such as Roche and Bayer.

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